Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Cultivation Mechanism

Cultivation mechanism

Following the law of education and teaching and student growth characteristics, the school takes improving the quality of personnel training as the goal, high-quality resources of NEU as support, educational reform as a driving force, and constructs a five-in-one innovation and entrepreneurship education practice system integrating theoretical teaching, campus culture, scientific research training, science and technology competition, business practices, thus more purposefully conducts problem-oriented, inquiry-based and research-based innovation and entrepreneurship education in an organized and planned way through education , extra-curricular practice , competition test, so as to cultivate high-quality, top-level creative talents featured “creative, innovative, competitive and entrepreneurial” in a multi-faceted, multi-level, multi-angle way.


Improve the curriculum system, and reinforce thetheoretical basis for teaching

The school follows the modern teaching concept of student inquiry-oriented teaching method, digging off-school teacher resources, combining different situation of students in different grades and majors, opening curriculums on innovation and entrepreneurship education, building “interactive learning demonstration class”. The school conducts creativity training activities, innovation and entrepreneurship theory lectures, innovation and entrepreneurship education practices, advocating independent and problem-based learning, thus built up a chained and propelled innovation and entrepreneurship theory and practical course system.

The school sticks to the educational concept of “happy learning in science activities, and built “Student Science Activities Demonstration Base”, and successfully hosted Creativity Festival of Freshmen, Science Popularization Festival Of Sophomores, Science And Technology Festival Of Juniors And Entrepreneurship Festival Of Seniors, thus formed several science brand events like Innovation Forum, College Student Science Knowledge Contest, Creative Thinking Competition and other events, so as to promote the carrying out of school’s science activities.

Build Scientific Research and Training Platform, and Improve Students’ Innovative Capabilities

The school follows the educational concept of “learning by doing” in scientific training, taking “National College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Plan Project” as the core, with “Student Innovation Base” as the support, and gradually builds four level (National, provincial, university and school level) scientific research training system through management and services featured “overall-process management, practicing in innovation base, personalized guidance, information service, and diversified demonstration”, so as to build a larger scientific research platform where students can practice by themselves and can build innovative spirits, improve innovative capabilities

Host Science and Technology Competitions, and Enhance the Effectiveness of Education through Contest

The school adheres to the education philosophy of “learning by competition”. According to the principle of “training by competition”, with “Challenge Cup” and other comprehensive competitions as the leading, with professional competitions like mathematical modeling, electronic design, smart car and mechanical design as the carrier. With competitions hosted by the colleges and schools as a platform, the school established and completed student science and technology competition system. By strengthening competition guidance and training, the school guided and organized students to participate all kinds of national and world-class innovation competition, and made efforts to enhance education content and effect of cultivating talents.

The school adheres to the educational philosophy of “learning by practice” in entrepreneurship education, and follows the cultivation method of “learning in school, practicing offschool, creation by doing”. The school opens entrepreneurial pioneer class, through entrepreneurship education course, mentor team, special fund, student entrepreneurship, and students entrepreneurial culture festival and other rich entrepreneurship education practices, The school carry out a series of systematic education and practice activities relevant to entrepreneurship, “entrepreneurial knowledge, entrepreneurial practices and entrepreneurial skills” therefore realized the integration of entrepreneurial education and entrepreneurial practice, and formed strong radiation of entrepreneurial atmosphere.