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Smart Car Innovation Laboratory

Smart Car Innovation Laboratory was founded in October 2006. The lab mainly studies smart car and smart devices, with robot and intelligent control as research direction, aiming to cultivate hard working inter-disciplinary talents with Innovation consciousness and team spirit, so as to provide an innovation platform for information, mechanical engineering and biological engineering and relevant major students.

The lab follows the University Motto of “Seeking unremitted self-improvement, integrating knowledge with action”, pursuing the combination of theory learning and practice, cultivating students’ persistence and innovative spirit and the volitional quality to be top talents through constantly participating smart car competitions.

Predominant Features of The Base

1.student self-management, guiding teacher periodical supervision;

2.students challenge themselves and surpass themselves, and cultivate innovative capabilities through competitions;

3. the implementation of embedded system whole process design and control system analysis and design debug is more technical and challenging.

Now the base mainly participated in the following competitions: Freescale National College Students Smart Car Competition, National College Students Electronic Design Contest, National College Students' Innovative Projects, and achieved good results, including the Grand Prize of Freescale National College Students Smart Car Competition and other national competitions.