Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Innovation Practice Class

Robot Innovation Practice Class

The establishment of robot innovation practice class relys on Asia Pacific University Student Robot Contest(ABU Robocon), committed to cultivating students' interest and hobbies in developing and studying high-tech, strengthening students' systematic understanding of mechatronics system, enhancing students' ability in comprehensively utilizing the learned theoretic knowledge and combining theory and practice, developing students' innovational ideation and capability, and educating younger talents for the development of robot industry.

The training contents involve knowledge in different subjects, such as mechanical drawing, digital electrical analog, single chip microcomputer, sensing technology, automatic control, image processing, computer programming language, motor drive. Meanwhile, based on the fact that various subjects are inter-crossed in robot technology, broadening students' horizon and carrying out basic training of robot technology, so as to let students choose and strengthen their own specific studying direction according to their professional characteristic and interest.