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Heitao Team

Team Introduction:

Heitao team consists of outstanding undergraduates from Software College, School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, College of Arts and School of Materials and Metallurgy, with manager of Ancheng Education, Senior Product Manager of Netease, founder of Shouhuobao, Mr. Deng Weichang as the strategic consultant, and this is a united, hard working and outstanding startup team with complementary advantages.

Now the team has 17 members, and 7 of them are core members.

Team leader introduction:

Yang Kun, who will graduate in June 2016, is from Qingdao, Shandong province. During university, he was awarded with 5 national prizes in “Creating Youth-the National College Students Startup Competition”, “Internet+” and other national competitions, and he also participated Yuetu public service activities and Heitao campus mall. He loves reading and writing, and he also shot two micro films. He loves startup, and was awarded Northeastern University Person of the Year on Startup and Innovation. Now he is the Elite Member of SCHOOL BUS, and the member of Executive Committee of northeastern division of Campus Dark Horse Innovation and Startup Competition.

Project or business introduction:

Heitao app is a mobile application which is specially designed for college students to meet their daily life consumption demand and social demand. On Heitao, students can use their spare time to go through second-hand goods at any places, and they can also buy goods in their senior’s shops. In addition, students can enjoy some special social functions like “Tree Hole” and “Drop Around”.

Now the team also take website designing, app and Wechat public account development.