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Entreprenrurship Team

Smart Fruit Stone Robot

Team introduction:

The team has 7 core members who are mainly postgraduates of Northeastern University, and all the technicians took part in the project research. Part of those core technicians won prizes of big competitions. Since all team members are post 1990 generation, they are very energetic and young, and they are willing to strive. Among them, 2 are from Computer major, 2 are from control engineering major, 2 are from mechanical engineering major, 1 is from business administration major. The team is very suitable for robot team allocation, with complementary advantage major and harmonious cooperation.

Team leader introduction:

Liu Hao, postgraduate of Computer System Research Institution. He loves programming, innovation, technology and has a great sense of team cooperation. As the team leader, he had won many prizes in all kinds of large and medium sized competitions in computing, software and automation. At the same time, he was also one of the National innovative invention patent owners. He likes playing basketball, swimming. Startup declaration: Since I chose this path, I will stick it out.

Project or business introduction:

This is a technology company, mainly focusing on intelligent production technology. Based on visual recognition technology, the company is committed to develop production line robots in fruit manufacturing relevant field. Now it is developing “Smart Fruit Stone Robot”. The robot has the core peach pit recognition technology, and has a relatively low cost, thus can replace traditional labor force in peach pit extracting. The key technology of all these works is image recognition and the design of the mechanical arm, and now they have been solved. The technology is mature and has gotten National Invention Patent. Now the robot is under factory debugging stage, and will soon get into markrt.