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Creative Design Innovation Team

The NEU Creative Design Innovation Team was firstly founded in 2011, and it is under the Student’s Innovation Center and based on the College of Arts. It was founded to promote original design, independent innovation and cultivation of inter-disciplinary, practical and applicative talents. Two studios are under the team, namely NEU International Poster Studio and Media Design Studio. After years development, they have become important platform for innovation and entrepreneurship and design competition. In 2012, this team was named “NEU Demonstrative Students Innovation Team”.

Driven by design innovation, this team mainly takes part in college students' innovative projects, entrepreneurial projects and various design competitions, and organizes all kinds of creative design practice teaching activities with teachers and students as the main bodies. In recent years, an inter-disciplinary team composed by students from College of Arts, College of Information Science and Engineering, School of Humanities and Law and School of Business Administration, took part in all kinds of creative design competition activities, and they won many international design awards in Iran, Peru, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

Pushed by the guiding teacher, NEU now is the international sponsor university of Peru International Poster Exhibition and Korea International Digital Exhibition, and the teacher now is the only official organizer, planner and international judge for Peru International Poster Exhibition and referrer for Korea International Digital Exhibition, and have long-term cooperation with two exhibitions. This team has taken part in many contests and competitions, such as the National College Students Computer Design Competition, the National College Students Advertising Art Competition, the National Creative Packaging Design Competition, the National College Students' Science Work Creation Competition, the National Colleges Art Design Competition, the Star Of China Art Design Competition, China Design Works Annuals, Creative China Art Design Competition, the National Colleges Fine Art Works Annuals, and so on.

This team has 2 guiding teachers and 50members and 5 incubators and startup teams, and each year the team can win over 200 awards home and abroad, and each person may publish more than 10 papers. This team holds “Make Joint Effort to Pursue Creative Design”, and with the spirit of pursuing innovation. Through inter-disciplinary introduction, this team focused on students’ independent innovation and practice, and focused on cultivating innovative, applicative and practical top talents. This team is always welcoming all NEU students for their participation of innovation, startup and design contests.

Address: Science Building, room 306