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The “Chess King” innovation team

The NEU “Chess King” innovation team was formally founded in 2012. This team is based on the Student Innovation Center and College of Information Science and Engineering, aiming to provide students with a high-level, dynamic innovation platform, and to cultivate high-quality innovative talents, improve students’ core competitiveness and their practice abilities and sense of innovation.

Till now, the team has 20 formal members, including 1 professor, 1 associate professor, 1 doctor, 8 postgraduates and 10 graduates. In the mean time of absorbing new members, the team also trained many excellent student, and all of them are doing Software development and hardware design relevant works, and most of them are working in  high-end enterprises.

The NEU “Chess King” innovation team is famous in Computer gaming field, and once won 3 time world champion and 1 time national champion. In the year 2007, the “Chess King” successfully challenged Xu Yinchuan, and this aroused great attention internationally, and thus NEU’s awareness both home and abroad was highly improved.

After one year’s exploration, the NEU “Chess King” innovation team now mainly works in the following aspects: firstly, Hardware R&D, mainly in Embedded, DSP, FPGA and analog circuit and some other aspects, among which 3 outcomes now is applying National Science and Technology Invention Patent; secondly, conduct deep research in computer gaming related theory, including Go,military chess and chess and other varieties, and mainly focus on imperfect uncertain problems; thirdly, software development. The wildly appreciated software, “NEU Assistant” is going online, and another web game developed by this team, “Chess Gaming Jianghu” will also soon be online on Tencent Game.

The “Chess King” innovation team has also done great in training student competitions. The team has won tens of national awards in The World Olympic Computer Gaming Contest, National Computer Gaming Contest and Electronic Design relevant contests.

In the theoretical research aspect, the “Chess King” innovation team students have published many high-quality papers, and most of them entered the SCI and EI paper search engine. 

The NEU “Chess King” innovation team now is becoming more complete in its constant development, thus absorbed even more students’ joining in. We hope that with the help of our university, we can cultivate more high-level innovative talents, and do more contributions for the leap development of NEU and cultivate more talents for the country and society.