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Shenyang Borui Future Technology Ltd

Team introduction:

The predecessor of Shenyang Borui Future Technology Ltd is the Shenyang Teamup 3D Print Studio which was founded in April 2015, and it was developed by grade 2014 undergraduate student Liu Hantong in 2014, and was a high-tech company which combined with personalized customization, repaid prototyping, 3D Print-related hardware development and the overall solution

At the first beginning of the company, there was only three members, mainly doing 3D Print products selling. With the great support of the school and alumnus, now the company is on a high-speed development stage, with more than 70 high-precision, large size 3D Printers. Besides, the company has totally more than 400 square meters office space in Nanhu and Hunnan branches. Since the foundation, the company attracted many talents, and now it has a relatively complete modeling team, sales team and software development team, and forms a complete operation system from design to production to selling. The secretary of the Communist Youth League Central Committee, Fu Zhenbang, the Governor of Liaoning province Chen Qiufa and other leaders visited the company, and encouraged Borui Future to make more efforts in the future.

Team leader introduction:

Liu Hantong was a grade 2014 undergraduate student. In his freshman year, he found himself besotted with 3D printing, and he bought materials and assembled a 3D Printer by himself. In the beginning of 2015, he earned the Northeastern University 3D Print Project and thus formed the 3D Print Studio. The 3D Print alliance in Liaoning area formed by him now also grow its own strength, and makes its own contributions to the regional development.

Project or business introduction:

Main developing direction of company:

1, 3D Print, print your own personalized customization

3D Print is an emerging technology, and the biggest characters of it are personalized customization, short production cycle, low cost. With 3D Print technology, high-precision, low-cost and personalized 3D Print service can be realized.

2, Laser manufacturing, even more precise and delicate

Through cooperation with Nanjing zhongke Yu Chen laser technology co., LTD, many laser printing service like the laser-micro-engraving can be realized. Through laser technology, we can do high-precision manufacturing on Crystal, metal and other materials.

3, Education brings you into Magic class of 3D Print 

The company provides free 3D Print education forprimary and secondary school students through cooperatively open 3D Print class with primary and secondary school education institutions, helping more people know 3D Print, so as to promote the development and popularization of 3D Print in the society.

4, Software development, 3D Print shine into reality

Through cooperation with Sino-Dutch Biomedical and Information Engineering School, the company now begins medical device software development, and realized three-dimensional reconstruction of body scanning data and data processing, so as to future realize 3D Print.