Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Innovation Practice Class

Mathematics Modeling Innovation Practice Class

With purpose of cultivating high-quality, innovative, composite, application-type talents, mathematics modeling innovation practice class aims at solving the mathematics problems encountered in economy, teaching, scientific research and management. In this class, the realistic strategy of selecting excellent teaching material as priority, writing new teaching material as complementary is adopted. In accordance with teaching outline, combined with teaching material reform and curriculum construction, the class adopts national excellent teaching materials and also self-written materials as. The focus of teaching contents involve mathematics modeling contests, preliminary modeling methods, MatLab entry, data statistical description and analysis, regression analysis, data fitting, graph theory method, queuing method, fuzzy theory, MatLab to solve mathematical problem, modeling of continuous problem and solving with MATLAB, differential equation algorithm, Monte Carlo computer simulation algorithm, optimize (linear, nonlinear, dynamic, etc.) method etc..The purpose of the courses is to make students master the basic ideas and methods of mathematical modeling mathematical experiments. Through teaching and training, the class helps students cultivate the ability of utilizing knowledge learned, building mathematical model, using computer and mathematical software to solve actual problem, this will lay foundation for the organizational work of yearly mathematical modeling competition and as well make more excellent students participate in and achieve good results in national and international modeling competition.