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Action Innovation Team

ACTION innovation team was founded in 2002, and the primitive name was “NEU Robot team”. In the year of 2008, it was renamed as “NEU Robot Student Innovation Base” and in 2012, it was officially renamed as “ACTION innovation team”. The guiding teacher is associate professor Cong Dehong, from the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Institute, College of Information Science and Engineering. Members of this team are mainly sophomores, junior and seniors from College of Information Science and Engineering and School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation. The total number of team member usually is about 30. The laboratory is in room 101, Science Building, NEU.

The team focuses on training students’ practical abilities and innovation abilities. Through a series of competitions and projects, such as “Domestic selection activities of ABU Robocon”, “Intel Cup College Students Electronic Design Contest—embedded system project invitational tournament”, “National College Students' Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition”, “National College Students' Innovative Pilot Scheme”, “National College Students Electronic Design Contest”, and some other competitions, and based on the course of “Robot design and making”, a triune instructing system incorporating course, training and competition was established. Through designing, training, competition and other practical activities, students can comprehensively command inter-disciplinary knowledge like intelligent control, mechanical design and software development, thus realized the integration of students’ studying, practice, research and innovation, so that students can improve their problem-solving abilities and the sense of collaboration, and all in all, the goal of cultivating inter-disciplinary and innovative talents, and leading the future  scientific and technological innovation will finally come true.