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The Internet of Things Technologies Innovation Tea

Members of the Internet of Things technologies Innovation Team have done many deep discussions on embedded system, architecture, real-time system, Hardware-Software Co-design, electronic technology, sensor design, production safety, sensor research and development and wireless optical network communication technologies and some other aspects. The team has finished more than 20 subjects of the 863 Program that related to the Internet of Things technologies, researches of Nature Science Fund Projects and International Cooperation Projects. 6 Applications and products were developed in the application of the Internet of Things Technologies. The team co-founded the strategic alliance of the Internet of Things with Liaoning branch of China mobile. The “Star of Radio Monitoring and Management” developed by the team now is wildly used in transportation, special equipment monitoring, mine production safety, greenhouses monitoring, forest fire prevention and other industries. The “Internet of Things application system facing the transportation and monitoring of the special goods”, “Liaohe Oil pipeline monitoring system” another systems all have great practical value and perspective, and have gotten broad recognition. On the basis of the existed work, this team closely follows the front edge of the world science development and the nation’s strategic demand, and conducts many timely researches like embed system theory and key technology, reconfigurable computing and some other aspects. According to the integration demand of Internet of Things and Smart Grid, provide key technology support for the smooth upgrade of the traditional industries and reconstruction and readjustment of industrial structure, and research and develop relevant products and turn those researches into real products and industries.