Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Entreprenrurship Team

The Butong Book Cafe

Team introduction:

The team has one shop manager, mainly doing café’s crowd-funded design, execution, market expansion and business development; one baristas with 6 years of working experience, and has abundant experience in business operation and coffee making; two visual designer, Northeastern University students, who have their own design studio and have their own designing products; baking artisans run baking company and they work as the company’s partner; 5 crowd-funded project designers work as part-timer, and have their projects, covering technology, enterprise and legal counsel and other areas; the team has also several part-time workers.

Team leader introduction:

Wang Xiangguo, undergraduate of The College of National Defense Education. In freshman year, he began doing startup-related student work. From April 2015, he entered the café industry, and began to know about coffee beans, coffee equipment, coffee shop decoration design, coffee making, coffee market environment, and he also combined coffee with his major, researching in coffee making automation. The team’s market positioning is crowd-funded café, and the product positioning is fair-price coffee.

Project or business introduction:

Optimize and reconstruct the produce and sale chain of coffee industry with internet as tool; use online brand, combining small and medium-size café to make “sharing economy”. Taking coffee bean as an example, through rising raw material demand, break middleman model, and directly reduce intermediate links, and build baking factory, thus not only assured quality but also reduced cost. Take business expansion as example, the cover area of offline café is limited, through online integration, café can attract customers within 1 mile, and increase café’s business, so as to eliminated labor, packaging and service problems. Café is only an entrance, and internet is only a tool, what we are going to do is to make reverse customization based on customers’ needs.