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Shenyang Navy Technology

Team introduction:

  Shenyang Navy Technology was firstly founded in 2008 and registered in 2014 and it is an innovative scientific and technical corporation. The company has a high-quality technology and research and development team. Different with traditional IT companies, Navy Technology has not only stable traditional software businesses, but also considerable scientific research-oriented innovation programs.

In traditional software field, the Navy Technology provides a whole Platform Solution based on Web, Android/IOS and Wechat.

In front edge field of science and technology, the Navy Technology can provide big data analysis service platform, larger sample motion face recognition and mobile video surveillance services, among which the larger sample motion face recognition project was reported in the headline of Shenyang Daily startup page.

Introduction of the team leader

Liu Hongwei, male, member of Communist Party of China, was born in Qingdao in December, 1987. He is now studying for a doctorate degree in the College of Information Science and Engineering, Northeastern University. In 2014, he founded Shenyang Navy Technology, and in 2016 he founded the Shenyang Wisdom Era Science and Technology Ltd., Shenyang Dongtai Science and Technology Ltd., and he also took the position of CEO.

He obtained the “2003 Qingdao outstanding three-good student”, “2008 Shenyang Outstanding Student”, “2011 Liaoning Outstanding Graduate”, “2014 Northeastern University Person of the Year on startup”, “2015 Principal Medal of NEU”, “china Shenyang Overseas Elite Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”, “2015 Shenyang Entrepreneurship Star”, and so on.

Projects or business introduction:

In traditional field, the company business covers CS architecture software development on Personal Computer end (WinformWP technology), web flat development on PC end, web flat development on mobile phone, Android/IOS original software development, PhoneGap mobile platform development and Wechat platform development and other multipoint linked integration solutions.

Based on multipoint linked integration solutions, the company’s traditional business is not in software customization field, but in platform operation and data services. Now the two platforms are doing relevant financing, and the VC project has been planned to finance, and the company is discussing financing amount about that project.