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Robot Innovation Laboratory

Northeastern University Robot Innovation Laboratory is the key student innovation laboratory, locating in the NEU Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, room 101, covering an area of 360 square meters, with associate professor Cong Dehong as the guiding teacher, who is from the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Institute, College of Information Science and Engineering. The lab aims to improve students’ practicing and innovative capabilities, and with competitions likeABU Robocon Competition”, “Intel Cup College Students Electronic Design Contest—embedded system project invitational tournament”, “National College Students' Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition”, “National College Students Electronic Design Contest”, “Liaoning College Students Robot Contest”, “Liaoning College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition” and “National College Students' Innovative Pilot Scheme” as carriers, and with Cong Dehong’ s course “Robot design and making” as support, the lab aims to realize the integration of teaching , application, research and innovation through designing, practicing, competitions and other student activities, so as to improve their knowledge command in Intelligent control, mechanical design, software development and relevant disciplines and cultivate their strong mind, Rigorous scientific attitude and sense of teamwork, thus finally cultivate inter-disciplinary and scientifically innovative talents, leading future technology innovation.

Since the foundation of this team, teachers and every member always held the principle of “Refuse mediocrity and challenge the impossible”. The lab also brings up a lot of outstanding innovative talents (over 500), and most of them entered high-tech enterprises, and became core members, others stayed in NEU, continuing scientific research or teaching, and the rest went to foreign countries like German, America, Japan, Canada for further education. Now, Robot Innovation Laboratory has become the widow and flag of showing students’ innovative capabilities in NEU, and has been visited many times by provincial and municipal leaders and students in all stages, which greatly contributed to improving NEU’s reputation and influence national wide, and stimulating students’ scientific innovation enthusiasm.