Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial Pioneer Class

Entrepreneurship Pioneering Class

Entrepreneurship pioneering class of Northeastern University starts on the basis of integrating the whole university's educating resources, aims at training and cultivating high-quality entrepreneurial and innovative talents with innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ability. During the one year's study, students of this class will accept education in four aspects, which are respectively Entrepreneurial Spirit, Entrepreneurial Knowledge, Entrepreneurial Practice, Entrepreneurial Skill; after 64 hours' study, qualified students will be issued Certificate for Completion of NEU Entrepreneurship Pioneering Class. Based on entrepreneurship pioneering class, Northeastern University will take five measures to promote the development of entrepreneurial pioneering education. Firstly, adopting a series of classes on entrepreneurship pioneering education, which will enrich students' entrepreneurial knowledge; secondly, organizing entrepreneurial tutor team, strive to realize one-to-one assistance on entrepreneurship; thirdly, setting up specific fund for entrepreneurship, encouraging and supporting students' entrepreneurial practice; fourthly, establishing student entrepreneurial base, which will provide entrepreneurial space; fifthly, enriching practical activities for entrepreneurial education, to really achieve the Combination of Virtual and Real. With the above measure being put into practice, a platform for entrepreneurial information and resource communication will be built, forming radiation effects on innovative and entrepreneurial environment, and will promote Northeastern University to become cradle for elite of future industry.

Attached with same significance as academic education and vocational education, entrepreneurship education is regarded as the Third Passport for learning by UNESCO. Over the years, Northeastern University pays great attention to this work, and a series of relevant activities have been carried out, such as establishing entrepreneurship KAB courses, hosting business plan competition, inviting entrepreneurs into campus, organizing entrepreneurship student club, implementing college students innovation exercise plan. All these measures have laid solid foundation for constructing multilevel entrepreneurship education system. In order to deepen higher education teaching reform and strengthen college students' innovative and entrepreneurial capability, Northeastern University insists on starting from actual condition, reforming and being innovative, and has developed a entrepreneurship education mode with NEU characteristics. In April of 2014, NEU College Students' Innovative and Entrepreneurship Base was put into use, this marks that a full-coverage, multilevel, multidimensional, self-growth entrepreneurship education ecosystem is about to get formulated in Northeastern University.